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Engineering Networks is a specialist Engineering recruitment agency.

We work with businesses, government owned corporations and local councils around Australia and New Zealand, filling their most challenging roles.

We’re not your typical recruitment firm. We don’t just tick boxes or throw volume at roles. We’re hyper-specialised, partnering with our clients to create long-term solutions. Great recruitment doesn’t end at the hire.

Our ‘Talent Engineers’ have decades of experience in recruitment and have established great networks within their dedicated industries.

We believe in:

  • Partnerships over transactions
  • Expertise over generalist
  • Tailor-made recruitment for roles, not one size fits all
  • Long-term placements, not quick wins
Who We Are

Our Key Industries

The specific experience of our team covers a broad range of sales and industries. We solve recruitment challenges for highly technical engineering roles, Executive and C-Suite positions.


It’s right there in the title – when it comes to finding the right engineering candidate for your business, Engineering Networks is peerless. Whether you’re hands on drafting the conceptualisations of skyscrapers or microchips, building power plants or managing multiple engineering projects at once, we’ve got networks that work for you.


We specialise in senior roles. With decades of industry experience, we know who to call and how to leverage networks to the benefit of those we work with.


Whether in specific engineering roles or more broadly working in support, procurement or leadership roles, our understanding of public sector recruitment and government…


With Talent Engineers specialising in each constituent part of the industry, we work across all the functions of Utilities, from engineering to project delivery and ongoing maintenance.


Engineering Networks provides the infrastructure of effective recruitment as those we help in this industry facilitate the remarkable engineering infrastructure of daily life. From electrical engineering and complex control systems to the rails and roads carrying us all, we find the right candidates for the right roles.


With Renewables specialists on our panel of Talent Engineers, we can effectively recruit in the cresting wave of new technology, green energy and vendors of specialist equipment and software products.


The scope of our representation in Manufacturing extends across vendors of equipment, integrators of automation and control and project delivery to end users and third party providers of service and maintenance.

Mining, Energy & Resources

There is an appropriate symbolism with our representation in this industry, as we sift and extract value from volume to find the right fit with the right candidate. From minerals to stone and oil, and all the engineering and logistical requirements of their procurement, Engineering Networks has an industry-experienced team member on your side.

Talent Engineers

We dedicate our networks to your business

Our Team

Vaughan Bradshaw


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Daniel Dryland


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George Trusiak

Principal Consultant

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Shelley Stevenson

Principal Consultant

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Bree Clements

Principal Consultant

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Natasha Walsh

Service Delivery Lead

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Justine Costello

Account Manager

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Abigail Short

Account Management Team Leader

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Nathalie Cowburn

Office Manager

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