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We commit our industry specific expertise and network to your recruitment challenges.

Vaughan Bradshaw and Daniel Dryland founded Engineering Networks in 2016 after building their expertise in recruitment for over a decade.

At the start of every great business are people disenfranchised with the state of their industry. The recruitment industry was rife with false promises, self interest and self-serving owners who treated employees as a number or sales target, not human beings. Where you’re only as good as your last quarter and a commission is worth far more than a candidate’s best interests.

They were at a career crossroad. Quit recruitment, or start something radically different. Engineering Networks is that difference.

Left to Right: Daniel Dryland and Vaughan Bradshaw

A company founded on the belief that recruitment can be done in a way that’s winwinwin – for companies, candidates and consultants.

A company where relationships are prioritised over transactions and people are treated with dignity and respect, where interests are aligned and outcomes are long-term, not for quarterly targets.

“We didn’t want to build the biggest generalist firm. We simply wanted to work with a team of professionals who have invested decades building their own desk and wanted the freedom and flexibility and support to continue to build it.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with people we like both personally and professionally. We’re selective with what businesses we take on, because we care about the people we work with and won’t compromise our standards or risk that we will fail to deliver on our promises.”

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We completely dedicate our networks to your business.

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We care about pairing the right people and perfecting partnerships.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re committed to improving our practices.

As a proud Queensland business, Engineering Networks is committed to improving our practices so that creating employment opportunities for the disadvantaged is a critical part of our decision making process.

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