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We care about pairing the right people and perfecting partnerships.

We surround ourselves with great people. Great recruiters, great clients, great candidates. We care about pairing the right people and perfecting partnerships.

This could be partnering the right senior recruiter with a client, or securing the right role for the right candidate. We are obsessed with building connections, because we know our success is tied to the success of those around us.

For our clients, whether through a full-time, part-time or contract role, we uncover that perfect person specifically suited to your business.

We carefully handpick the right people with the right technical and specialist skills.

We stay in touch with market players who matter, while living and breathing industries like Power, Resources, Renewables, Infrastructure, Construction, Water, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and more.

Types of Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

Key hires such as C-suite and executive leaders require the most methodical approach of any recruitment process. As such, we build an organisation-specific approach to suit your requirements for these roles. We believe there are 10 key requirements in the search and selection process that are unique to every organisation and address these by undertaking the following steps:

  • Understanding your business through an organisational evaluation.
  • Identify the key role requirements
  • Understanding what the ideal candidates looks like
  • Determining the scope and size of the candidate pool
  • Advising on the search, selection and shortlisting methodology
  • Compiling and presentation of a suitable shortlist
  • Conducting 360 degree reference checks, scheduling of candidate testing and debriefs
  • Ensuring the best candidate experience through offer negotiation
  • Assisting with the resignation and onboarding process
  • Continued follow up
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Permanent Recruitment

Engineering Networks recruits highly skilled technical experts for roles across engineering, infrastructure and heavy industries.

Our business has been engineered to deliver successful recruitment solutions for both SMEs and large global corporations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We bring an uncommon, innate ability to identify candidates with the right skills, cultural fit, behavioural characteristics, performance and technical expertise. That’s why our clients, when they need recruitment expertise, keep coming back. They know that we invest time into their businesses, really getting a granular understanding of the best possible person for a role.

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Contract Recruitment

Looking for people with specific skills solely for a project or defined contract period? Talk to us. Engineering Networks can reach thousands of contractors to meet the challenge of peak demand or new projects.

When it comes to contract and casual positions, our reach extends to both active job-seekers (those who check websites like Seek every day) and passive job-seekers (via head-hunting).

If you have a fixed-term project requiring a number of specialists, we are supremely capable at assembling high-volume teams of skilled contractors.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When you need a tailored, sustainable and scalable recruitment model an RPO delivers the benefits of talent pooling, reduced time to hire, reduced costs, brand advocacy and much more with a tailored SLA (service level agreement).

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Bespoke Recruitment

Have a role or unusually complex situation that requires a ground-up, entirely bespoke approach? Bespoke specificity is in our company DNA, so if you need a unique recruitment approach built for purpose, talk to us.

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