Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re committed to improving our practices.

As a proud Queensland business, Engineering Networks is committed to improving our practices so that creating employment opportunities for the disadvantaged is a feature of our decision making process. The following page provides examples of our Social Benefits, Policy and Equity Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Community Partnerships

Engineering Networks is committed to partnering with local charities, NGO’s and community groups to deliver free mentoring, resume writing and interview skills training services to community members who are experiencing disadvantage. Current partnerships include: Open Haven – a Brisbane-based charity working with survivors of Domestic and Family Violence.


Engineering Networks had a review of suppliers at the end of 2021 to change suppliers if they are found to have no social benefits or are detrimental to society. We have now implemented the following:

  • Buying from social enterprises
  • Buying from small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Consideration of the local community and how the supplier’s practices impact them
  • Seek out organisations that employ vulnerable people; for example, organisations that provide opportunities for people with a disability
  • Use offshoring functions only if compatible with the other elements of our procurement policy

Diversity & Inclusion

Engineering Networks is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion by providing an environment that values and understands diversity in society.

Key elements of our approach include:

  • Obtain equitable employment and career development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Foster positive and informed attitudes and behaviour towards people with disabilities, identifying opportunities for inclusion and involvement of people with disabilities.
  • Provide work environments that are free from discrimination and harassment for our Contractors and employees.